“IndigoBlue is truly without peer in a crowded industry. They’re at the very top of the game.”

press & praise

- really great dj

Where do I start with Sandra - she is amazing.
We loved her style and easy with everything she does. Her photography is exceptional and unique. Sandra made our wedding day the most memorable day of our lives. She captured all our pictures through her heart and soul. She told a beautiful & touching story with each segment of our day.

“We loved our entire experience with IndigoBlue from start to finish.”

- Jackie, Bride

I didn't realize that my wedding pictures would be the most important part of my wedding until we got the pictures back. When you have a photographer who can really capture the best parts of your special day - looking back on the photos are one of the only things that can truly take you back to that day.

“IndigoBlue truly captured the essence of who we are as a couple.”

- Erica, bride

“IndigoBlue was like nothing else we've ever experienced.”

Looking at the pictures, you can feel the love and laughter and intimacy of our ceremony. I honestly do not remember seeing her at the wedding, she was like some magic little ninja just hiding and taking amazing photos!

- Ashley, bride

The photos are me, and my husband, and perfectly capture us...no fluff, no crazy photoshop, no distracting props...just us. Looking through my wedding photos made me cry all over again. Not only did she capture gorgeous photos, she got the details that I had already forgotten about. She caught the emotions, even ones I didn't remember seeing on the face of my husband and our guests.

“IndigoBlue shot the wedding with effortless style and incomparable grace.”

- Elise, bride

I don't even know where to begin and words will never do her justice. Sandra was so great at everything.
We were blown away by the details, the emotions, the feelings and the stories the photos told.

“We will treasure these images and the time spent together forever.”

- amanda & Ryan